Unbiased Independent Expert specialists

Specialist Medicolegal brings together a panel of highly experienced and practicing clinicians, selected to deliver an exceptional service.

We provide a transparent service that is streamlined and effectively reduces unnecessary delays..

Our panel of experts consists of specialists who are both, abundantly experienced in their clinical field, and well-versed in the provision of Medicolegal services.

We pride ourselves in providing unbiased and balanced Medicolegal opinion, at a time when our clients need it most. Our evidence-based reports are of the highest quality and are generated by accredited and recognized experts from a broad range of specialist disciplines..

Our services have been tailored to support our clients throughout the process and to establish long term relationships that are founded upon a trust, quality and reliability..

For ease of access, we are conveniently located in multiple locations.

Please contact our helpful administrative staff to experience the SMA difference.


We pride ourselves on being able to provide unbiased, balanced medicolegal opinion which will also be provided in a timely manner.

Our reports are provided of the highest quality and are generated by accredited experts in their specialised field based on the documentation provided to them.