About us

Specialist Medicolegal is comprised of highly experienced specialists who have been carefully selected based on their vast and profound experience in clinical practice.

Well composed, Independent Medical reports are pivotal  in supporting a client’s process and substandard reporting can delay or even hinder the care of the client. Reports that are delayed,, inadequately or inappropriately completed can have a significant adverse effect.

Our ability to make a positive impact is what inspires and motivates us  to bring  together this group of experienced specialists. We are committed to  providing robust yet concise, evidence-based reports within the timeframes agreed.

It is our belief that an expert and currently practicing panel, underpinned by an experienced administrative team and innovative processes , will deliver  the high level of service that our clients can come to expect.

SMA Difference

Often, even though a good report is generated, the excessive time taken to generate such a report can be a hindrance and a source of dissatisfaction. In addition, a significant volume of  correspondence is often required to to follow up on the progress and status of reports.

To address this pain-point for our clients, we have embedded a transparent process through which our  clients can track the progress of their medicolegal report online. All documentation required to formulate the comprehensive report can easily be submitted via the online client portal, thus further expediting the process.  Our clients are informed of expected timeframes upfront and are able to track progress by logging into the client portal.

Our innovative digital processes have been well received by our  clients who have found that it facilitates a seamless, and effective engagement, reduces their administrative burden and allows them to plan effectively.

In addition, as we are located in multiple locations across Victoria ensuring convenience for our clients.

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Our panel of specialists is able to review medical records and case files and provide an opinion



At Specialists Medicolegal we recognise the difference a good quality medical assessment report can make.



Such assessments require specialised training and accreditation. Our panel of experts possess the requisite



Our team of experienced specialists is able to provide a review of case files and also to be available to testify in court.