Our team of experts at Specialist Medicolegal Australia are very experienced and skilled clinicians who will provide you with a high-quality report that you deserve.

We understand that you may have queries about such a visit and hence we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions. The list is by no means comprehensive so if you have any question that is not addressed here please feel free to get in touch with us.

Preparing for the appointment

Your appointment with a specialist for a medicolegal opinion is to provide an independent and unbiased opinion after conducting a detailed medical evaluation. The purpose of such an appointment is to provide a comprehensive report to your solicitor. The medicolegal specialist you meet is not your treating doctor and hence he will not be providing any treatment plans or suggestions . Such queries will need to be addressed to your general practitioner or other specialists involved in your treatment.

Once your appointment is complete, our specialist will compile a detailed report and send it to your solicitor. We are unable to issue a copy of the report to you.

Our specialist will need to be able to see and examine the affected part of the body and at times a whole  body examination may be required. We hence recommend wearing loose fitting clothes and undergarments.

You will need to bring a clear photo identification card such as your passport or a drivers license. We will need to make a copy of the same for our records.

Less is more! Please remember to bring all medical records , documents , scan results and scan films/CD`s to the appointment. It is possible most of the documentation has already been provided to us but please bring along anything that may think is important.

Please ensure that you have made allowance for delays in finding parking etc. You are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment time to complete requisite paperwork.

If you arrive after your designated appointment time, we will have to reschedule your appointment to avoid disadvantaging patients coming after you.

This will unfortunately incur a cancellation fee.

This will be up to the specialist’s discretion but in general it is preferred that the consultation is a one on one between the specialist and the examinee.

Spouses or supporting family members may be present if agreed to by the specialists during the examination but should not answer or provide information on behalf of the examinee.

If  chaperone services are required please advice us in advance and we can make arrangements for the same for the period of examination.

We are unable to organise translator services and if you do need one , please discuss with your solicitor and do ensure that a qualified medical interpreter is made available for the duration of the appointment which usually will be for approximately an hour. Please note that family members or friends will not be acceptable as interpreter’s

Our practice does offer telehealth options however suitability for a telehealth appointment will be evaluated on a case by case basis. In some cases it may be essential to conduct a face to face appointment to conduct a physical examination in which case an online appointment may nor be appropriate.

An appointment is organised based on a request from your solicitor through our online portal. Once we have all the details we will coordinate and facilitate an appointment with our specialist

We understand that at times you may have to reschedule and we will happily accommodate such requests . If the reschedule request is with less than two week notice , this will incur  a cancellation fee.

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